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Visitor's decalogue


The love of nature must not become a destructive force, as it would happen if each one picks a flower, or writes his name on a trunk of a tree or throws a waste paper carelessly...

The conscious, informed and involved visitor is the surest guarantee of the safeguard of a protected area.

The reserve is a collective good: keep it even for those who come after us...


1) Inquire about the Reserve before and during the visit, study the problems, discuss with the interested people by going to the Visitor Centers or other main Information Points.

2) When you are in the Reserve, try to behave as "green" as possible:  consume little and disturb even less. Remember that noise, vandalism and waste are the visiting card of ill-bred people.

3) Use motor vehicles only to approach the Reserve, to go along the main roads, and not to go into the heart of nature:  no racing, off-road vehicles or rides by cars or motorbikes in the meadows and pinewood; no boat rides near the coast. Use Motor vehicles as little as possible and never out of driveways.

4) Walk at least two naturalistic routes on foot.  Enjoy the break from modern and technological civilization; try to understand fully the environment you are in.

5) Don’t pick flowers, don’t break branches or carve trunks.  Don’t light fires; you may cause very serious fires, contributing to the significant general impoverishment of the natural environment.

6) Don’t bring your dog (even on a leash) or radios: rather take a pair of binoculars, a camera and a map of the paths in order to perceive the reality around you.

7) If you are lucky enough to see wild animals, behave with respect and discretion. Don’t make a din, don’t run after them, but in absolute silence enjoy those precious moments of contact with nature.

8) The staff of the Reserve is strongly engaged in carrying out their duties:  there are few elements for a lot of work.  Not everything can be perfect.  Don’t make the problems worse with useless questions and try to express your support and understanding, which will always be appreciated.

9) Report immediately to the staff of the Reserve every important inconvenience you are experiencing, so that they can remove it as soon as possible.

10) If you  have enjoyed the experience of contact with the Reserve    become a defender of nature, there are many ways in which the few who love it, may contain or try to repair the failures of many who still destroy or ignore it.
(Source: Franco Tassi, Italian National Parks Committee)

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