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The Reserve

Regional Law No. 9 of 20.02.1998 established the Reserve of Punta Aderci. The protected area is the first Reserve established in the coastline in Abruzzo and arises from the need to reconcile the naturalistic aspect of nature with the tourist one, such as the availability of beaches.  The Reserve covers an area of about 285 hectares (400 arriving at the area of outer protection) and goes from the beach of Punta Penna, adjacent to the port of Vasto (Punta della Lotta), to the mouth of the river Sinello (the border with the town of Casalbordino). In 2000, the City of Vasto adopted the Plan of Naturalistic Trim (PAN) of the Regional Natural Guided Reserve of Punta Aderci, developed by the Cooperative COGECSTRE of  Penne, definitively approved by the Regional Council on 25.09.2007. In the Reserve, the flat area appears more humanized; the agricultural landscape is traditional, with large vineyards, olive trees and fields of grasses. The area of most interest consists of the natural beach of Punta Penna: an amphitheater that hosts many marine species of plant-life. The promontory of Punta Aderci (26 m asl) characterizes the whole area by providing a 360 ° view of the whole Reserve. In some cavities of Punta Aderci you can admire the Halymenia Flores, considered the most beautiful Mediterranean red seaweed. From Punta Aderci the view sweeps over the National Park of Maiella and Gran Sasso - Laga and of Sibillini:  at sunset, with a good visibility, you can make out the Regional Park of Conero.

Spiaggia di Punta Penna

More information about the Reserve

The long sandy beach of Punta Penna ends with the stony beach of Libertini   under the cliffs of the promontory of Punta Aderci.  You can go to the beach of Libertini both from the beach of Punta Penna and through a short path of 80 steps, which links it up to the dirt road that leads to the promontory of Punta Aderci (26 m asl ).  On the other side of the promontory is the little beach of Punta Aderci. From here, you can continue along the long beach of shingles, called Mottagrossa. From this beach to the mouth of the river Sinello, one of the most solitary and inaccessible stretches of central Adriatic coast begins. Rising above the beach Mottagrossa you can go along a panoramic route at high altitude (about 20m asl) of about 3 km, (former railway line) that allows, on foot or by bike, to discover the pinewoods on the sea, valleys and stretches of the Mediterranean maquis. The pinewoods offer visitors the possibility of a refreshing break during the summer months. The Reserve ends at the mouth of the river Sinello a little further the characteristics brick arches marking the old railway line; you can go on as far as the seafront of the city of Casalbordino.
Turning left, just before the mouth, you move away from the coast along a path that runs along the river Sinello and through the inner area of the Reserve. Because of high summer temperatures and the length of the trail, it is better to visit this stretch of path by mountain bike.

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